I specialise in residential projects of all sizes, working with home owners and renters. I believe interior design should be available to everyone, so I offer three types of service, which means that although my interior design studio is based in London, my consultation and E-design services allow me to bring colour to the nation.

Portfolio Web Design


Remote personalised design for people who need a detailed plan to transform anything from a single room to an entire house.

This service includes:

  • A 90 minute online consultation to discuss your goals for the space, understand your values, interests, needs, expectations and desired end result, so that I can find out what you love and incorporate this into your design

  • A detailed design document that you can use to work on the project at your own pace. The contents of this design document can be mixed and matched to create a bespoke package for you, based on your requirements. A typical design document will include the following:

    • Digital mood board to clarify your vision for your room and act as a consistent reference point to help you stay aligned with your goals throughout your project

    • 2D room layouts

    • Colour palette and moods, including detailing the paint colour, type of paint and suggested brands

    • Window treatment options (blinds, shutters, curtains etc) and flooring options

    • Lighting options

    • Furniture proposal

    • Soft furnishings and fabrics

    • A shopping list of furniture items for you to purchase at your leisure, including any potential trade discounts

  • Continued support - a further 2 weeks of email access with me, upon receipt of your completed design document, to ask any further questions you may have

Prices start from £449

Modern Design Workspace

Traditional interior design

Working with you on-site to create a personalised and holistic design. This begins with a visit to your home to get to know you and your needs, dreams and expectations for your property, and lifestyle, so that I give you a home that is both stunning and practical.

As every project is different I provide a service tailored to suit your individual requirements. A typical project will involve the following:

  • A mood board and physical samples so that you can be confident in what the end result will look like

  • 2D layouts and elevations

  • Colour palettes and moods for each room, ensuring a joined-up approach throughout multiple rooms to create flow from one room to the next and a cohesive look

  • All required schedules (including, but not limited to, paint, furniture, lighting fixtures, finishes and sanitaryware)  

  • 3D drawing of your chosen layout

  • Lighting plan

  • Selecting and sourcing furniture, light fittings and accessories, that are perfect for your space and within budget

  • Selecting and sourcing soft furnishings and fabrics, including bespoke upholstery and rugs

  • Storage solutions, including bespoke joinery

  • Styling and finishing

As an optional extra, I can also provide suggestions for tradespeople, and oversee the work, to deliver your complete project.

Priced per project.

Creative Design


From choosing colours to layout recommendations, my consultation sessions can help to solve your most pressing design issues and enable you to move forward with creating your dream space in your own home, or making the most of your rental home.


Consultation sessions are available by the hour and provide professional advice on:

  • Room layouts

  • Storage solutions

  • Filtering your own ideas and getting a second opinion

  • Identifying your unique style and colour preferences

  • Choosing colour palettes, textures and accessories 

  • Guidance on lighting, flooring and furniture

This service can be provided on-site or remotely depending on your requirements, budget and location.

Prices start from £99