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From a young age, I have enjoyed scouring charity shops and car boot sales. I loved finding something that someone else no longer wanted and giving it a new lease of life. This was mainly focused on clothes, but then when I moved out of home it extended to furniture, home accessories, vinyl and books. If I had a particularly long or hard day at work I took real comfort in knowing that I had an authentic interior to go back to.

When I started renovating my current home in Brixton my interest in personalised interior design rapidly escalated from hobby, to passion, then obsession - waking up in the middle of the night to furiously scribble down ideas and constantly talking about interiors! Being involved in a creative process provided food for my soul and well-being, and I continue to benefit from the daily joy that my colourful, unique and authentic home brings me. An unforgettable interior design retreat in Marrakesh, propelled me to take the leap and join Jo Chrobak's Interior Designer's Business School and turn my dream of being an interior designer into my full-time career.


What I truly love about interiors is how design and use of colour (I’m on a mission to bring colour to grey!) has the magical capacity to completely transform a space and the way it makes you feel. It provides a wonderful opportunity to express your personality and your aspirations in your living environment. This is of course a deeply personal thing, and I feel privileged to be able to work with my clients to unearth their unique style and requirements, and deliver homes that improve their daily lives in terms of practicality, beauty, and overall well-being. 


I have found the interior design community to be wonderfully collaborative and supportive, and I am a proud member of the international interior design network, Metier Rendezvous.


When I am not focused on interiors, I love to take full advantage of all that London has to offer, whether that be taking a walk in one of the glorious parks, going to the latest exhibitions at the many art galleries and museums, watching a wonderful arthouse film or a new play, treasure hunting in charity shops, or spending time with my partner and close circle of friends.

My design ethos

Upside Down


I keep abreast of the latest trends but I am not driven by them. Just like your clothes, I believe that interiors should be authentic by reflecting and celebrating your differences. I therefore get to know my clients, their values, interests and dreams, as well as how they use their homes, so that I can find out what they love and see how this can be interpreted into the design.

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I am passionate about colour psychology and see it as a crucial element to delivering a personalised design. Colour can be one of the best ways to create the sought-after look, and more importantly, the desired feel and mood in our homes. Choosing a colour palette can be overwhelming, but my design philosophy will enable you to bring out your “inner designer”.



I know that storage is often a problem, as today's living spaces are becoming smaller and/or having to work harder by being multi-functional. I believe that storage solutions can be both practical and beautiful.

Exchange Shop from Above


I am a maximalist at heart, however an occasional de-clutter/review of your home can help bring to the forefront your favourite possessions, those that are truly meaningful and special to you. An object, ornament or painting can often spark inspiration for a whole room.

Crowd of People


I am passionate about designing and finding creative solutions for both renters and home owners, so we can all enjoy a sanctuary away from the mayhem and madness that life throws at us – did you know you can buy removable wallpaper?



I know from personal experience that getting your home right for you can enhance your daily life and well-being. A big part of this is the joy of the little things in life, so attention to detail and thoughtfulness play a key role in my designs.

Wooden Antique Cupboard


Irrespective of my client's budget, I provide a varied range of options that will deliver their desired look and feel, and empower them to decide where to prioritise their spending.