Interiors that are full of personality & practicality

My design philosophy is simple and is formulated to allow you to imagine a home that provides a sanctuary away from the stresses and strains that life throws at you. Close the door, forget the outside world and be in a place that replenishes you to your core, a place where you can feel completely content and at home.


I can assist you in creating your own identity so you can benefit from a truly personal, harmonious and practical home which provides a positive state of mind.


You don’t need to be a homeowner to create your happy space; more and more of us are now renting our homes and there are a multitude of innovative products out there to enable renters to stamp their own personalities on their homes too – did you know you can buy removable wallpaper?


Alice Rees Taylor Interiors takes the lead from your unique and individual personal style and creates a design to ensure that whatever the dream, this can be reflected in your home. Whether you’re a home owner, or a tenant, working together I will help harness your individual style and taste to bring out your “inner designer” - tailoring your interiors to create a truly customised home that is original to you, perpetually pleasing and practical. Who said practical had to be boring!  


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